Specific diabetes medications recommended to protect bone health

Research highlights treatment options for co-managing type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis – treatment options
Osteoporosis – primary prevention
Metformin lowers cardiac deaths better than other drugs
Drug could cut heart events by 26% in diabetics

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Underused cancer test could improve treatment of colon cancer

Blood test for carcinoembryonic antigen could help determine whether to use chemotherapy

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Aspirin linked to better colon cancer survival
Developing and using a tool to improve outcomes in colorectal cancer
Fifth of emergency bowel cancer cases had red flag symptoms
Long delay after FIT linked to higher risk of cancer

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Experts write manifesto for evidence-based medicine

They aim to tackle systematic bias, wastage, error, and fraud in research behind patient care

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Financial ties between researchers and drug industry linked to positive trial results
Statins might not cut colorectal cancer risk after all
US expert group updates statins recommendations
Public should ask GPs about drugs’ relative risks and benefits
BMJ questions trial evidence for rivaroxaban

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Research reveals age-specific cancer risk with BRCA1/2

Family history a strong risk factor for breast/ovarian cancer for BRCA1/2 mutation carriers

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Experts recommend anastrozole for postmenopausal women with family history of breast cancer
NICE set to approve trastuzumab emtansine for breast cancer
Genetic research finds 15 new breast cancer ‘hotspots’
Radiotherapy during breast cancer surgery cuts cost and time

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Women lost more postpartum weight with online programme

Internet-based intervention group lost more weight than those in standard care group

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Weight loss can slow down knee joint degeneration
Vegetarian diet could cut obesity risk
Pregnancy BMI has little impact on children’s fatness
Risks of major birth defects greater if mother is overweight
Urgent action needed to prevent maternal obesity

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NHS England boosts funding for learning disability support

£10m investment to help people live more independently, closer to friends and family

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Disability groups fear funding cuts post-Brexit
Better support for people with learning disability
Personalising support for people living with autism
More help needed for people with learning disability and dementia
Health professionals vary hugely in disability assessments

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Public should ask GPs about drugs’ relative risks and benefits

Patients need longer appointments to discuss queries over research evidence for their meds

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Doctors urged to listen more and treat less
Over 75s not taking medication correctly, say GPs
RCGP defends ‘under-prescription’ of stroke medicines by GPs
Acid suppression medications linked to serious gastrointestinal infections
Doctors campaign against ‘too much medicine’

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NHS workforce demands end to 1% pay cap

Joint letter calls for removal of pay cap and action to address real-terms earnings loss

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Unions slam 1% pay rise for NHS staff
More nurses applying for hardship grants
Pay cap on NHS staff must be lifted, says NHS Providers
Angry nurses plan summer of protest
Over half of sessional GPs suffer work-related stress

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Bupa has betrayed care home residents, says CQC

Channel 4 Dispatches investigation showed understaffing, bad practice and poor care

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25% rise in complaints about home care
CQC head calls for better GP-hospital-care home integration
Late-stage dementia patients failed by care homes
Perilous state of social care increases NHS demand
Elderly failed by broken care system

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Antidepressant use in children rises 12% in a year

GPs may be overprescribing because of stretched, underfunded mental health services

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Eight-year-olds to get ‘happiness lessons’
Abused children unable to access mental health services
Nearly one in four children denied access to mental health services in England
Child mental health care needs revamping across the EU
Three quarters of CCGs miss child mental health target

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